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WE have a MASSIVE bunny cage .. down the very bottom of the garden..  they are mostly 'rescue bunnies'.

You can go inside and hang out there if you want. Adults please accompany your children for the first visit to check they know how to close the gate(s) and also how to quietly approach the rabbits.

You can find bags of pellets for the animals down near the cage. MAXIMUM 1 bag of pellets per child per day (or adults, of course).  .. Pellets are their 'treats' (max 20% of their diet).

If you have any scraps, there is a scrap bucket hanging up in the kitchen for you to take down. They won't go for onion, though.  Sometimes we hang some greens on the gate for you  to give them. 

When trying to feed rabbits, put a little food in your hand, then get down very low. If you are standing above them they will be scared. We have little low seats you can sit on. There are big seats for adults, too.

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